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PoliceOne Year in Review 2010

From the Mehserle trial to the immigration debate, PoliceOne columnists look back at 2010 and contemplate what’s in store for 2011. Check this page regularly as we highlight the year’s top news stories, trends, comments, and photos.

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The 12 'Knights' of Christmas By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
While there are countless compelling stories of "ordinary" officers across the country doing extraordinary things, these 12 stories from each month of 2010 highlight some of the most inspiring examples of our profession at its best. Full Story
The 'Mean Streets' are getting meaner! By Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne Columnist
You've heard the expression, "Things were tougher when I was young." Well, as far as cops being killed, that's not the case. On the contrary, the "bad old days" of police-involved shootings are happening right now. Full Story
2010 in Review: 25 foundational principles By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
An accumulation of tips, tidbits, and lessons learned from the unique vantage point of the PoliceOne Editor’s Corner. Full Story
Police EVOC in 2010: The good, the bad, and the ugly By Travis Yates, PoliceOne Columnist
2010 is the 13th straight year that vehicle-related incidents were the number-one cause of line-of-duty deaths. Ugly incidents have continued to plague our roads, but some very good trends in training, new police vehicles, and other opportunities emerged this year as well. Full Story
Top 10 Supreme Court decisions of 2010 By Ken Wallentine, PoliceOne Contributor
LEO interests were generally supported this year in a trio of Miranda cases. The high court also ruled on important 2nd Amendment issues, ECD controversies, and liability issues concerning K-9s Full Story
Recommitting yourself to being a 5%er in 2011 By Dave Grossi, PoliceOne Contributor
We’re closing in on 160 line-of-duty deaths for 2010, well above the 128 figure posted for line-of-duty deaths for 2009. Here's to bringing that number down in 2011. Full Story
Officers Down - The Year that Was As you remember these fallen officers, take comfort in recalling that they dedicated their lives to the same principles of honor, duty and courage that brought you to the badge. Full Story
Blue lights on my Christmas tree By Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Contributor
This year, we’ve had at least 147 job openings across the country in law enforcement — each and every one of those vacancies the result of a brother or sister in blue giving the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Full Story

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