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Video in Law Enforcement

Video is both a critical tool and occasionally a dirty word within law enforcement (with that specific word being "YouTube"). But increasingly, officers and agencies are using video technology to improve situational awareness and save time.

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Video conferencing and collaboration tools for law enforcers We rarely contemplate the potential upside that live video conferencing and collaboration has for law enforcers, but from sophisticated MCI communications to simple online meetings, police can save time while improving arrest rates. Full Story
Live and direct from... anywhere Command centers are great, but streaming video to cops in the field can greatly improve incident management. And with more tablets and smart phones on scene, this is likely where we're headed in the future. Full Story
Digital video in criminal cases Law enforcement's challenge with the proliferation of potential video evidence is in obtaining and preserving the images captured. Full Story
Why digital video is better than analog Some agencies still use VHS cassettes because managers don't see much of a reason to change, but there are plenty of reasons to upgrade. Full Story

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Transform the Business of Government Now more than ever, State and Local Governments are being called on to reduce expenses, operate more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. Cisco TelePresence enables government agencies to address these challenges head on, through high definition video communications. Full Story

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