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IACP Annual Conference 2011

PoliceOne is on the floor at the 118th annual IACP conference in Chicago. We will cover the event as it unfolds, so follow this section for live updates.

Exclusive Coverage

International Officer of the Year is Michael Neal PoliceOne congratulates Officer Michael Neal of Arkansas Game & Fish Wildlife on his well-earned recognition as 2011 International Officer of the Year Full Story
Officer safety is #1 concern of chiefs What can we do to increase officer safety despite the declining budgetary resources most agencies have available? Full Story
How to improve officer morale for free With the annual IACP Conference ongoing this week, there was a call to ask what changes individuals would like to see if they were chief. This list is one created from the experience of fifteen years as a cop. Full Story
The value of boss-involved survival training What chief, sheriff, or captain, driving to a cross town meeting, would not stop to assist one of their officers struggling with a suspect at a traffic stop? Full Story
What did 'community policing' teach us? If 'community policing' isn’t already completely dead, let’s kill it and move on. Full Story
Bringing patrol to the chiefs at IACP How do I, as skipper of the ship here on PoliceOne, make our coverage of IACP as meaningful as possible for the largest possible number of people? Full Story
Chief's Chair: Know the mission If I were chief, I would first meet either in person or video conference with all members of the service and make clear to them what the mission of the department is. Full Story
Chief's Chair: It's called being involved As a 47-year police officer with 26 years as a chief of police (now semi-retired and functioning as a police practices expert), I know how critical it is for the chief to know what the heck is going on. Full Story
Chief's Chair: Causing waves Overall my current chief is doing a good job, but it seems many people that fill the supervisor rolls are afraid to change things or speak up. Full Story
Chief's Chair: Creating a happy patrol I feel that patrol is the backbone of an agency, therefore, if I were chief, I would be an employees’ sheriff. I would aim to please my employees to the best of my ability. Full Story

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