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IACP 2012

PoliceOne is on the floor at IACP, bringing you the top news and products from this year's conference. Check this section often for the latest updates and coolest new tools to assist officers on the job.

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DHS Secretary Napolitano addresses nation's chiefs In the past four years, great strides have been made to break down barriers between law enforcement entities and create new systems for information sharing because threats require it. Full Story
Firefighting cops: How police can SWARM Dr. Reed Smith is a guy you would want to have on your team in a fight. He would be on my team for sure. During an IACP session, he dropped the best tactical acronym I have ever heard. Full Story
When officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab were killed in 2010, the murderer's face was captured on dash cam and his records available to LE, so many felt the search would come to an end quickly. It did not. Full Story
Sick and tired: How sleep deprivation harms cops Over the course of the past few years, numerous studies have shown police officers to be among the most sleep-deprived workers in the United States. Full Story
Mastering the media: Saving your department's reputation Most equate "officer safety" with preparation for a life-threatening, use of force confrontation involving a single cop and a suspect. But danger can befall every member of your department, simultaneously, should an event occur that threatens your reputation. Full Story
Survey: Citizens want cops on Facebook About 90 percent of citizens believe they have an important role to play in reporting crime but almost the same number say they're only minimally informed of local police activities, according to a new survey. Full Story
Lighter line of tac pants promises to perform A bestselling brand displayed its latest line of lightweight tactical pants during IACP 2012 that way in at 2.4 ounces less than the company's previous designs. Full Story
Ultra-bright flashlight shows off versatility at IACP An ultra-bright flashlight caught the eye of IACP attendees at this year's conference, where demonstrators showed how its different functional modes serve distinct purposes while on patrol. Full Story

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