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PoliceOne Year in Review 2012

2012 proved to be a year full of valuable lessons, whether from tragedy or heroic feats. Read accounts of the year's most memorable incidents from the people directly involved in our first-person features, enjoy expert commentary from our columnists and watch some of the best police videos of 2012. 


Top police photos of 2012 This year's top 10 images come from a combination of the biggest news stories of the year and some of the heartwarming, goofy, everyday elements of the job. They illustrate the duties of police work, big and small. Full Story

Exclusive Coverage

The night I was ambushed, shot 9 times By Officer Matt Fox
An officer is back on desk duty and improving every day after a devastating ambush left him with a gunshot wound to the forehead. Full Story
How brotherhood helped me save 2 from fire By Officer Paul Elenius
An Ariz. officer recalls saving a couple from a house fire, the support he received, and his recovery. Full Story
Cop's fiery car wreck rescue: By Officer Gerad Gonzalez
When a quiet night on patrol quickly went south, a nervous officer acted flawlessly to save a life from a blazing vehicle. Full Story
How I got from ambush to affirmation By Deputy Marshal Stephen Brady
An officer retells how he coped with a gunshot to the face, and his year-long recovery that followed. Full Story
My way of coping with a tragedy By Officer Charles Law
An officer talks about the day he watched a chief die in the line of duty, and how he and his family got through it. Full Story
Chief's perspective: The Texas A&M shooting By Chief Jeff Capps
The chief of police reviews the day of the campus shooting and the months of recovery that followed. Full Story
The night we lost one of our own in shootout By Officer Eric Young
An officer recounts the day serving a search warrant initiated a gun battle that killed 1, and injured 5 Full Story

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Best of 2012

Columnists' Perspectives


Supreme Court decisions affecting cops
By Terrence P. Dwyer
From GPS warrants to eyewitness testimony to governmental immunity, this past year has been a mixed bag of legal goodies for law enforcement.'

The ‘12 Knights of Christmas’ 2012
By Dan Marcou
We take a look back at the year's most outstanding heroes in uniform.
The good, the bad, and the ugly
By Val Van Brocklin
Three things stick with me from 2012 that I’m still reflecting on... the very good, the probably bad, and the definitely ugly.
Top trends in police technology
By Tim Dees
Experience has taught me that some products, no matter how well-conceived, never make it to market.
13 questions to answer in 2013
By Fred Leland
What has 2012 taught you about officer safety and effectiveness?
Lasting impressions of 2012
By Doug Wyllie
To say that this has been a difficult year is an understatement of impossible proportion.
2012 in Review: Paying tribute to those we lost
By Andrew Hawkes
As I write this piece, to date this year 115 of our brothers and sisters in law enforcement have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.


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