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Special Report: Tactical Tools for Patrol

Paint it black and call it tactical. This has been the knock on products flaunting that ‘tactical’ label. In this special section, we examine what really qualifies in the category of must-have tactical tools for cops, delve deeply into what TEMS officers need to gear up, and take a closer look at personal ballistic shields. 

Exclusive Coverage

Tactical tools for cops: A shield in every squad By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Effective ballistic shields come in a variety of sizes in both soft and hard armor systems. They've become an increasingly-desirable piece of tactical equipment for patrol. Full Story
PoliceOne Roundtable: Tactical tools for cops By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Officers and agencies have to be selective about the purchase of equipment for patrol. We recently connected with a group of industry experts to get their opinions on how cops should be gearing up. Full Story
Tactical tools for cops: How to medic up! By Sgt. Glenn French, PoliceOne Columnist
TEMS personnel have the ability to provide an incredible level of pre-hospital medical support. The TEMS operator will need to gear up with the same tactical gear as his comrades, as well as a comprehensive list of tactical medical gear. Full Story
Facebook Forum: Top 20 must-have tactical gear options By PoliceOne Staff
When we asked our Facebook fans which single piece of tactical gear they would add to their police-issued equipment, regardless of cost, we got some great responses, both serious and far-fetched, to say the least. Full Story
Video: Using tactical flashlights By Dave Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
In the same way that the evolution from wheel guns to semi-automatics changed tactics which helped to save countless lives, the evolution of the police flashlight has necessitated updated training. Full Story

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