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Special Report: Simulators in 2013

As departments deal with diminishing budgets and increasing demands for scenario-based training, many agencies are deploying computer-based simulation solutions. When these technologies are properly integrated into a complete and well-developed training program, there can be officer safety improvements over the long term.

Exclusive Coverage

PoliceOne Roundtable: Using simulators in law enforcement training By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
We connected with four of the top industry experts in the area of police simulators to get their thoughts on this continually-developing technology. Full Story
Maximizing use-of-force simulators in law enforcement training By Ken Hardesty, PoliceOne Columnist
In order to maximize efficiency and deliver the highest quality training to our personnel, I believe simulator programs should include several, equally-important components. Full Story
Driving simulators: Integration is key in officer training By David Yates, PoliceOne Columnist
Utilizing simulation in a blended fashion with real driving is key to improving offer safety behind the wheel Full Story
Facebook Forum: New scenarios for your simulator By PoliceOne Staff
We asked our Facebook fans what new scenarios they would program into their agencies' use-of-force or driving simulators if they had the option. Full Story

Video tip: Proper use of simulators for training

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