What is the best taser for a civilian CCWP holder?

I am a civilian (CCWP) holder and fortunately have never had to draw my weapon since obtaining this, however, is it legal for me as a civilian to carry a taser as a primary weapon rather than my firearm? Odds are when/if the situation ever presented itself to have to use some type of force 9/10 assailants are going to flee when you draw your weapon right? I dont know the effectiveness of a taser, but in my opinion (depending on the situation) using a taser I could get myself and or my family out of the situation without having to engage with lethal force. In order to carry a taser do I need to take a differnent class or have to have a different classification of CCWP to do so? Thanks in advance. not sure if im asking this in the appropriate forum or not, but any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

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