2013 Ford Interceptors

Any feedback from the field from officers using these new cars; Pros and cons? I test drove all the new models and was most impressed with the handling of the new Fords. My first impression was that I was favoring the Chevy Caprice because of the engine (closing speed) and most interior space. The Ford Ecoboost with AWD car blew them all away, although I find the space a bit tight. The Ford Utility was the best of both worlds, most interior space combined with performance and handling. The Tahoe has a ton of space but handled like a led balloon. The Dodge is cool looking, but also was short on space and rearview visibility was not that great. Twelve hours in a car is a long time, but I like the CHP's choice too of the Ford Utility with AWD pursuit rated. I would like to see some articles on how all these new vehicles are being received.

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