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Announcing Quiet Warrior 2017: Help us celebrate the everyday police hero

In partnership with 5.11 Tactical, PoliceOne seeks to recognize officers whose day-after-day dedication transforms their communities.

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By PoliceOne Staff

Last year, we introduced the Quiet Warrior program, a collaboration between PoliceOne and 5.11 Tactical, aimed at spotlighting some of the unrecognized contributions of law enforcement officers across the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we received nearly 100 entries sharing their take on the Quiet Warrior mentality, including some truly inspired responses such as Officer Richard Walker:

“Being a quiet warrior is much greater than simply being a good police officer.  It encompasses being a good role model, Father, Husband and friend.  It's about being genuine in all aspects of life; caring and respectful of others, not because it part of the uniform, but because that's who you are at the core of everything you do.”

Or Officer Mike Jobes:

“Being there when others flee, helping the ones that society "throws away", living an exemplary life as an example for those who have no role models, loving the poor side of town and its people, never giving up, never backing down and going home and being a husband and father ....and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.”

These stories highlight the kind of humble dedication not just to the job but to fellow officers and the community at large that easily goes unnoticed by the general public. Willem Driessen, VP Global Marketing of 5.11 Tactical reflected on the program’s success “We owe great gratitude to those that protect us and our freedom, so we feel spreading the word on positive actions of men and women that put their lives on the line as a first responder is our duty. And we are proud to be a part of the Quiet Warrior Program. ”

Because of the positive response we got last year, we’ve opened the program for another year. It’s more important than ever to highlight the amazing things law enforcement officers are doing for their communities around the country. We’ve collected a few of these great stories here.

Why the Quiet Warrior program matters in 2017

This is a tough time to be a police officer. The public’s perception of the relationship between police and citizens has been strained in recent years. For various reasons from the unrest in recent years to the 24/7 media cycle, stories of “cops behaving badly” have crowded the spotlight on the national stage. But that’s a very small part of the story. By highlighting the officers going beyond the call of duty every day to make their towns and cities better and safer, we’re helping to amend that narrative and to produce a dialogue that better captures what it means to be a police officer in America.

The best response to the preponderance of negative stories about police in the media is to share stories that capture the best of law enforcement. The Quiet Warrior program seeks to do just that.

About Quiet Warrior

The Quiet Warrior program will highlight the one trait inherent in all law enforcers. More than just doing a good job, they strive to do good. We want to capture those stories and share them with our audience.

We’ll profile some of the best Quiet Warriors from all walks of life and ranks in law enforcement. We’ll also look at what defines a Quiet Warrior and why it’s so important to not just to the fiber of law enforcement and it’s continued success, but also why the Quiet Warrior philosophy should be encouraged in every department.

Add your Quiet Warrior Story

We want you to share your Quiet Warrior stories. Together, we’ll put eyes on the absolute best that law enforcement has to offer.  

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