Standoff ensues after Ohio student flashes pellet gun at cop

The teen was taken into custody after telling the resource officer he had a gun and revealed the weapon

By John Seewer
Associated Press

TOLEDO, Ohio — A high school student in Ohio says there were some scary moments when a disruptive 14-year-old flashed a pellet gun at a police officer, leading to a short standoff.

Police in Toledo say the student was taken into custody Monday morning after the standoff ended. No one was injured.

Sixteen-year-old Kayla Williams says the teen had been kicked out of class and sent to a room for students serving in-school suspensions.

She says that's where the boy told a school police officer that he had a gun and briefly took it out of a bag.

Williams says she was just a few feet away and that the gun looked real. She says students ran out of the room screaming.

Police say the teen then was isolated in a hallway.

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