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NJ police post drunk driver mug shots to Facebook

Some question the ethics of posting these details on a page that can be viewed by millions of users


EVESHAM TOWNSHIP, NJ — There are so many reasons not to drink and drive, but if residents of Evesham Township needed one more, their police department has given it to them: now, drunk drivers get featured on the Evesham Township Police Facebook page, complete with name, listed offence, and mug shot. While this might be an effective way to deter criminals, there are some that question whether it is ethical to post these details on a Facebook page that can be viewed by millions of users.

Drunk drivers are not the only criminals to find themselves in the red hot spotlight of the Evesham Township Police Facebook page: a car thief, a store robber, a gang found fighting in the street and a movie theater burglar are among those with their mug shots splashed across the page. But the drunk drivers are the sticking point for a lot of legal and ethical debates. Is it right to post pictures of people who have been charged but not yet convicted?

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