Facebook page bypasses authorities, claims child abuse

Father of two-year-old alleges ex-wife and boyfriend abused girl, seeks custody

By PoliceOne Staff

BLOOMFIELD, N.M. - A New Mexico father is bypassing the authorities and turning to Facebook to wage a custody battle against his ex-wife.

KOB 4 reported that Donald Norris has set up a Facebook page in the name of his two-year-old daughter, Danika, who he alleges was sexually and physically abused during a two week visit with her mother and her boyfriend.

The page features graphic photos showing the alleged abuse, including close-ups of Danika's scratched and bruised face. The Facebook Page's Info section includes a detailed description of the alleged chronology, including a claim that a police report was filed and photos of Danika's injuries taken.

The text is written from the perspective of the two-year-old, and includes the line "my step mommy and my daddy fear that if I go back with my mother, I won't be coming home EVER again, for I could be murdered."

Danika’s Facebook page has garnered more than 770 fans so far. The page includes a request for donations "so my daddy can get me an attorney and fight for full custody."


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