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YouTube car crashes aid police in safe driving efforts

The Tucson Police Department has uploaded videos of collision to educate the public

By PoliceOne Staff

TUCSON, Ariz. — The Tucson Police Department has uploaded videos of collisions from traffic cameras on their YouTube channel to encourage safe driving.

Most of the videos are less than 15 seconds long and are intended to educate the public about potentially dangerous encounters at traffic intersections.

License plate numbers are pixilated to ensure drivers’ anonymity, and no videos involving drunk driving, fatalities, or investigations go online, according to USA Today.

Commentary from the Tucson Police Department accompanies each clip and outlines what driving lessons viewers can learn, and the department has emphasized that above all, their YouTube effort aims to educate.

"There may be some people that will get upset if they see a collision that they were involved in, but the intent is not to single out any driver, simply to educate the public on traffic safety," a department spokesman said. "And sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words."

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