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Facebook Forum: Your best career advice

By PoliceOne Staff

We asked you on Facebook to tell us the best career advice you've ever received. Practically half of you shared the adage "Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six," and below are some of the other answers we got. Do you agree with this advice? Tell us in the Comments section.

"You're not doing your job right if you don't get reprimanded every so often." — Rebecca Mulloney

"Fresh out of the Academy, I was speaking with a Retired SC HWY Patrolman. He asked me what was the most dangerous call that I could go on? Of course I jumped all over domestics, robberies, traffic stops...he stopped me and said no, the most dangerous call that you will go on is your NEXT ONE." — Tyler Blake Jackson

"Be humble, walk with integrity, never stop learning and improving, and have fun." — Adam Doran

"Remember the two W's will ruin many a cop: Whiskey and women." — Frank Owens

"That feeling you get when the hair stands up on the back of your neck, trust it. That will save your life." — Josh Harris

"Stay out of politics." — Nick Yoder

"Don't waste your investigation trying to prove that your suspect is lying. Instead try to prove they are telling the truth, and the lies will surface themselves!" — Shawn O'Kelley

"Never pass up a chance to pee. You never know when you'll get your next chance..." — Kent Callicoat

"Your job isn't to Serve and protect, it's to go home to your family in the condition that you came to work in. Both mentally and physically." — Steven Moye

"Don't love your job. Your job won't love you back." — Tom Williams

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