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Facebook Forum: I want more training in...

Budgets are tight at agencies around the country, but pretend money isn't an issue

By PoliceOne Staff

Budgets are tight around the country, and many departments are finding themselves cash-strapped. If money weren't an issue, in which areas would you want to receive more training? We asked you on Facebook and from the wide variety of responses, selected some below. Check them out and add your own in the Comments section.

"Gangs is a big one." — Jason Owens

"More training in identifying drugs and behavior caused by them." — Shane Tindall

"Stupid people..." — Cheryl Ann Johnston-Kovach

"Agencies need to do more Verbal Judo training... some cops today just don't know how to talk to John Q Public." — Joe Layman

"Interview and interrogation." — Kyle Preston

"I used to teach a class on defensive driving while holding your coffee, smoking a cigarette, talking on the radio and eating a bacon and egg sandwich." — Richard Mc Mahon

"Real world emergency ops. (natural disaster, terrorist plots,etc) Too many LE agencies aren't on board with systems like NIMS//SEMS/ICS." — Matthew Hunter

"Dispatcher-officer relations! And I don't mean those kind!!" — Kelli Latham

"CSI training and Cognitive Writing Analysis thru (BATI.) I've been to many trainings n these two are the ones I want to go to next." — Elsa Pimentel

"Forensics...so fascinating & can never learn enough." — Lisa Marie Cranmer

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