UK cop says 'Facebook car' used to break up online arguments

A blog post details how officers reportedly drive around all day to listen to and log Facebook complaints

By PoliceOne Staff

A UK officer says that a patrol car set aside for non-urgent matters has been renamed the "Facebook car."

On his 'Inspector Gadget' blog, the cop — who posts anonymously  — details how officers drive around all day to listen to and log complaints people have about posts on the social networking site, according to CNET

"Neighborhood Constables have to drive from address to address all day, listening to endless tales of harassment on Facebook, threats by text and insults in the queue by the cigarette counter at the local Asda [supermarket]," the blog post said.

The inspector reports in "Ruralshire," where he says most of the calls come from people starved for attention.

"Almost all of this conflict is between vaguely related family groups, usually started over the genetic origin of whichever baby happens to be screaming in the buggy at the time."

The blog also features mugs for sale, with text that reads "I should be out catching rapists and murderers."

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