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Ill. police use Facebook to catch red light-runners

Motorists who run red lights may find their photo on the police department's Facebook page


GRANITE CITY, Ill. — Police in Granite City, Illinois have a new tool to help catch motorists who run red lights. They are posting pictures of the crimes on Facebook.

Look at the video from the camera across the street and you'll see the problem that's caused much of the chaos. Driver after driver choosing to ignore the red light at the intersection and blow right through. The thought of a child crossing as this happens is enough to scare them to death here.

A red light camera was put in to cut down on the problem, and to some degree it's worked. Police say 93 percent of those who've paid tickets thanks to these pictures have never been cited again. They learned. But now police have taken it to another level posting the video from the camera on the department's Facebook page every week or two.

Full Story: Police use Facebook to catch motorists who run red lights

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