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6 times police dominated social media in '13

Police are always cautious when it comes to if and how they’ll use social media to their advantage. For most departments, it’s a great way to get news out about weather conditions, safety tips, wanted persons, and missing children. These six officers or departments went a step further this year when they used their Facebook pages, Instagrams, and even dating websites to get bad guys off the streets and engage with their communities.

1. Richmond, Virginia recently used a new method to catch a man wanted for breaking into a car and failing to show up in court by creating his perfect match.  Full story

2. San Bernardino County sheriff’s office tracked down the boy who robbed a police memorial when they discovered he took photos of his new prize and posted it to Instagram. Full story

3. Rosenberg, Texas gets credit not just for their eyes on Facebook, but for their snappy reply when a burglar taunted, “Catch me if you can.” Full story

4. Brimfield Township Chief David Oliver has been slowing accumulating Facebook followers from all over, thanks to his witty comments and statuses, but he really raised the bar when he invited his 85k fans to his neighborhood for a party! Full story

5. When Huntington Beach police were attempting to track down the culprits responsible for a riot that broke out after a surfing competition, they didn’t expect the search would be so easy. The police posted photos of the riot on their Facebook, where one of the suspects ‘liked’ and shared the photo of himself. Full story

6. Brimfield Township Chief David Oliver makes our list again for retaliating against Kanye West after the rap star publicly stated that performing his dangerous stunts on stage was like being a cop or a soldier on the front line.  Full story


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