10 'perks' to patrolling in the snow

Just about everyone is staying indoors — everyone but the cops. But it’s not all frigid and bitter; police are finding the silver lining to patrolling in the cold. Take a look at some the perks, as told by our Facebook fans.


http://ems.pgpic.com/1.gif Thugs and dope dealers stay inside. — Anthony DiPaolo

http://ems.pgpic.com/2.gif Your vest feels pretty good! — Joe E. Rice

http://ems.pgpic.com/3.gif It's a lot easier to track someone in the snow when they run from you. — Ronnie Long

http://ems.pgpic.com/4.gif Snow ball the neighboring town patrol cars. — John Hammonds

http://ems.pgpic.com/5.gif Those long-winded, nosey, cop-groupie citizens get real short and to the point when it's this cold...even when you say: "Now tell me that again, I'm not sure I followed you (and giggle under your breath). — Jim Spearman

http://ems.pgpic.com/6.gifNew 5.11 jackets! — Chris Reyes

http://ems.pgpic.com/7.gifThe beauty in the early morning hush and virgin snow with few calls and a warm, comfortable patrol car. — Barbara Donohue

http://ems.pgpic.com/8.gifYou get to do donuts in the cruiser and blame it on the snow and ice.....  — Jim Martino

http://ems.pgpic.com/9.gifNo speeders, so less traffic stops — Ron Hall

http://ems.pgpic.com/10.gif​If someone runs in saggy pants, they'll become a snow plow. — Nika Nichol  

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