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NYPD Commissioner tweets from closed-door meeting

Message sent during weekly Compstat meeting at 1 PP announces creation of official Twitter account for Bratton

By J. David Goodman
The New York Times

NEW YORK — The messages appeared unexpectedly, live missives posted online from inside one of the New York Police Department’s most cloistered gatherings: a weekly, closed-door CompStat meeting at 1 Police Plaza. Where once such an occurrence — if it occurred at all — might have been chalked up to a rogue officer, the Twitter postings on Thursday morning came with the full participation of the new police commissioner.

For a department long wary of social media, it was a first: a speech delivered at the podium on the eighth floor of Police Headquarters — the hot seat, as it is known — and then blasted across the Internet. For Commissioner William J. Bratton, whose words were quoted, it was something more: a quick and breezy method of signaling change at the top.

By the time he finished speaking on Thursday morning, Mr. Bratton had announced the creation of his own official Twitter account, in contrast with his predecessor, Raymond W. Kelly, who never had one.

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