Video: New dry-fire technology to supplement range time

The LaserLyte LT-1 could save you money and help you become a more accurate gunfighter


Dry fire work is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason: It reinforces essential skill sets and can be done in almost anyplace.

With the high cost of ammo these days, it’s also a good money saver for people and departments that find themselves cash-strapped in the current economy.

The LaserLyte Laser Trainer uses a hammer-activated (sound activated) laser that appears on your target downrange, giving you immediate feedback on shot placement. This reasonably priced gadget has the potential to improve your practice time and save you some money.

As with any training modality, it has its strengths and weaknesses, some relating to the nature of dry fire, some relating to the laser itself. Watch the video for some more information.

It’s not a replacement for range time, but it’s an excellent supplemental tool to help you improve as a shooter.

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