Video shows LEOs take down armed man attempting suicide by cop

The video shows one deputy wrestling with the suspect, who was armed with a rifle and managed to get one shot off

By PoliceOne Staff

PULASKI CO., Mo. — Video has been released capturing a harrowing struggle between two deputies and an armed man attempting suicide by cop. 

The Waynesville Daily Guide reports that Det. Howard Brickner and Corporal Lynn Bays were called back in January to check in on Marcus Lavender, who was reportedly threatening to shoot any officers who approached him. When Brickner approached Lavender, he saw the suspect was armed with a rifle and grabbed hold of the weapon’s muzzle.

The gun went off as Brickner struggled with the suspect. Bays drew his weapon on the suspect, but did not fire because he ran the risk of hitting his partner. Bays then TASERed Lavender and he was taken into custody.

“They handled the situation the best way they knew without shooting someone,” Pulaski County Sheriff Jimmy Bench said. “I commend them for that. When you’ve got a gun pointed at you, that’s awful hard.”

No injuries were reported.

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