Five driving safety tips

In the past three decades officer deaths in vehicle collisions have risen 40 percent. As law enforcement deaths continue to rise due to vehicle collisions and pursuits, there is a growing interest by some jurisdictions to increase driver training and vehicle safety. Unfortunately, many departments have ignored basic driver training. Far too many officers are given the bare minimum of driver training in their academy with nothing else the rest of their careers. Officers are now aware that the most danger they may face each day is behind the wheel of their car. A successful law enforcement driver has the right mental attitude. Hopefully the tips below will better prepare you for your daily duty.

  1. Following Distance
    There are many distractions in a police vehicle. From routine observations needed on patrol to the radio and computers in the car, officers must be very cognizant of the distance they follow other vehicles. Everyone has heard of at least two seconds but at a minimum law enforcement should use the three (3) second rule as a following distance. If there are any distractions (poor weather, looking for suspects, etc), the distance should be increased even more. The farther away an officer is, the safer they are. That rule is used in every aspect of safety training. It should be used in driving as well.

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