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P-1 Poll Results: Pursuits

By PoliceOne Editor Rachel Fretz

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Police pursuits, of both the car and foot variety, generate a lot of discussion in law enforcement and concerned communities nationwide.

Departments like the LAPD and the Pittsburgh PD  have set major restrictions on pursuit policies in an effort to cut down on deaths (both LE and civilian) and maintain accountablity to citizen watchdog groups.

An increasing number of officers are told to radio for back-up instead of taking off after the bad guy alone. Many feel that such restrictions make basic police work prohibitively difficult.

PoliceOne members weighed in on this topic by responding to our latest poll:

Does your agency allow vehicular pursuits? 

1187 responses

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Yes                                                  48 %
No, never                                          9 %
If an officer feels it's necessary    10 %
With supervisory clearance          33 %

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