Video captures deputy's fatal pursuit

Footage shows the pursuit that led to Deputy John Mecklenburg's death last month

By PoliceOne Staff

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — Video shot by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office shows the pursuit of a wrong-way driver that ended in the wreckage of two patrol cars and the death of a deputy.

Sgt. Brandon Ross and Deputy John Mecklenburg, driving in separate cruisers, each pursued a suspect they spotted driving the wrong way down a state highway last month, according to ABC Action News. Michael Anthony’s vehicle is seen driving at high-speed and nearly taking down other vehicles.

Police say the surveillance footage — which includes audio of Ross’ crash — shows how dangerous a pursuit can be for law enforcement. Ross, who lost control of his patrol car and struck a parked pickup truck, suffered minor injuries, but Mecklenburg was killed after his vehicle struck a tree.

Video shows the aftermath of Mecklenburg's crash, which hurled the engine from his cruiser. Sources say Mecklenburg was trying to spin out Anthony.

Anthony was on probation at the time and told police he was smoking crack during the chase.

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