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Video: March's 5 most popular police videos

By PoliceOne Staff

In the most-watched video of March, an officer - thanks in part to his body armor - survives a traffic stop shooting. Give it a look if you haven't yet, then check out the other videos of the month that got attention, including a school bus pursuit and dash cam that earned a cop killer a death sentence.

Tell us in the Comments section below if you think these merited the attention they got, and upload your videos to BLUtube for a chance to see them on next month's most popular list.


Man waiting with gun shoots cop

After questioning a driver, an officer walks around to speak to the passenger, who is waiting with a silver revolver. The weapon points out the window and fires.


Suspect escapes from police station, is later killed

Surveillance footage shows a man's escape from a police department just before officers fatally shot him..


Dash cam video used to convict deputy's killer

Dash cam video helped earn a death sentence for the killer of a Yolo County deputy when it was shown in court.


NM police pursue stolen school bus

At least two spike-strip deployments and a daring PIT attempt helped stop a stolen school bus as it sped toward Albuquerque.


Victim's family attacks murder suspect in court

Family members of a homicide victim started a courtroom brawl when they attacked the accused killer at his arraignment




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