Suspect nabbed in pursuit suing for $17 million

By PoliceOne Staff

HACKENSACK, N.J. — A man who led New Jersey cops on a wild, high-speed pursuit through six towns is now suing Bergen County for $17 million, claiming that he was surrendering when an officer shot at him. 

Dash-cam video shows much of the pursuit — which began when two subjects fled a botched burglary — including the point at which the chase terminates and a suspect can be seen fleeing on foot into a wooded area. 

“That’s when one of the officers is heard firing his weapon as a suspect runs into the woods,” reported CBSNewYork.

In addition to the civil suit — filed by 36-year-old Francesco Piserchia — the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office is using the video to investigate allegations that the officers “tampered with the crime scene and removed evidence.”

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