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Video: Police combat illegal racing with net guns

Vietnamese police plan to mass produce the net guns, which have brought down several racing rings

Thanh Nien News

THANH HOA, Vietnam — Thanh Hoa provincial authorities are working on a plan to mass produce the “fishnet launching tubes,” which the local police started to use last April to catch illegal motorbike racers.

Colonel Le Van Nghiem, head of the Thanh Hoa Town police force, was quoted by Tuoi Tre in its Sunday news report as saying that his agency and the Weapon Design Institute under Ministry of Defense, which spent three months creating and testing the tubes, will copyright the product jointly.

The fishnets will be aimed at the rear wheels of traffic violators to make the motorbikes stop gradually. They can be stuffed back into the tubes and reused if police miss the violating vehicles. The tubes can fling fishnets that weigh 0.25-0.3 kilograms and are 1-1.2 meters long a distance of 15 meters, compared to two to three meters that the nets can reach when thrown by hand.  

Full Story: Vietnam cops to mass produce fishnet launchers to catch traffic violators 

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