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Tracking device puts end to dangerous pursuits

This tracking 'cannon' eliminates the need for pursuits than endanger both police and bystanders

By PoliceOne Staff

The real-time GPS “cannon” StarChase is getting high praise for reducing the need to pursue erratic drivers by attaching a tracker to the fleeing vehicle.

Iowa State Trooper Tim Sieleman tested out the device and tagged a truck in October, allowing him to back off while still tracking the suspect in real time, who fled to Omaha where he was then arrested.

“The system’s very easy to use,” Sieleman tells CBS. “There’s four buttons. You turn it on, put your laser where you want on the vehicle, arm it, and hit fire.”

High speed pursuits put the suspect, the pursuing officers, and innocent bystanders in the path of danger. Sieleman believes a fleeing suspect tends to slow down once they realize they’re no longer being pursued, decreasing the chance of a dangerous collision.

StarChase is being used in departments in Iowa, Florida, Arizona, and Texas for anything from traffic violations to much greater offenses — including a human trafficking ring, according to the report. 

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