Video: Okla. woman, 65, leads police on a pursuit, gets TASERed over $80 ticket

The woman admitted she tried to kick the cop during the altercation

By Samson X Horne
The Tribune-Review

CASHION, Okla. — A confrontation between 65-year-old woman who believed she was being unfairly ticketed and an Oklahoma police officer led to a police chase that resulted in the cop pulling the woman out of the car and Tasing her — and it was all caught on camera earlier this month.

Debra Hamil disagreed that she should get an $80 ticket for a broken taillight, and she let the officer know.

“You’re full of (expletive),” Hamil said after learning she wasn’t going to be given a warning.

According to KOCO-TV, Hamil admitted to the officer that she’d been driving with the busted light for six months.

She still refused to sign the ticket.

“I’m not going to give you a warning for something you’ve been driving for six months,” said the officer, who has yet to be identified.

The officer ordered he out of the car, and Hamil refused to comply.

“Why?” Hamil asked. He informed her she was under arrest.

“No, I’m not,” Hamil said. “You are full of (expletive) because you are not placing me under no damn arrest.”

Moments later she agrees to sign the ticket.

“We’re beyond that,” the officer said.

Hamil then drove off, sparking the police chase.

The officer’s body cam picked up with the officer’s gun drawn on Hamil as she’s parked in a lot. He ordered her out of the vehicle.

She refused and he pulls the kicking and screaming motorist to the ground.

“Leave me alone!” she screams.

The officer then Tases her.

She still refuses to comply, and he warns she’ll “get it again,” prior to arresting her.

Hamil admitted she tried to kick the cop during the altercation “because I’m a country girl and no, I did not like to be thrown on the floor. … I didn’t like being thrown to the (expletive) ground.”

According to KOCO-TV, Hamil was charged with felony assault on a police officer and a misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

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