Chicago man convicted of murder stabs 4 in hospital escape attempt

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P-1 Editor's Note -- "In any escort situation, it's the officer who keeps them there."

Gary Klugiewicz, an expert in prisoner restraint and transportation, reminds P-1 readers that restraints are TEMPORARY, and are never meant to take the place of officer vigilance. "Convicts practice running with 'leg irons' by tying their ankles together with the same length rope. They can take off in a sprint," he says.

Gary's #1 rule:
1) The prisoner can assault you
2) The prisoner can escape
3) If they're in restraints/try to escape and fall down, YOU own the injury

CHICAGO, Ill. — A convicted killer tried to escape from a Chicago hospital in leg shackles and stabbed a nurse and three other people with a metal shank before he was caught on a bus outside, authorities said.

All four victims survived without serious injuries.

The inmate, Willis Reese, had been convicted three days earlier for a 2002 contract killing.

On Thursday, a dermatologist's nurse was examining him for a skin condition when Reese pulled out a thin piece of metal with a sharpened tip about 4 to 5 inches long and stabbed the man, sheriff's office spokesman Bill Cunningham said.

Reese also stabbed a corrections officer and a bystander who tried to help the victims, then fled John H. Stroger Hospital in leg shackles, Cunningham said. He said Reese got onto a shuttle bus in the driveway and stabbed the driver before authorities grabbed him.

Officials were trying to determine how Reese got the piece of metal. He had been held in a maximum-security wing of the Cook County Jail, Cunningham said.

Reese and a co-defendant had been convicted Monday in the fatal shooting of a 37-year-old man in Chicago for a promised $10,000 payoff, according to Cook County state's attorney's office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton.

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