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Practicing "when/then" thinking during prisoner escort

One of the statements that I often hear from correctional staff members who are “suddenly” assaulted is that they never saw it coming.  The sad truth is that we get complacent. We start to feel safe in a certain assignment or with a certain “safe” inmate and we let our guard down. Unfortunately, many of us are still practicing “If / Then” Thinking. If something bad were to happen (but probably won’t), we will be ready. This reactive thinking dooms us because as we know action always beats reaction. If we are reacting to an assault, it is probably already too late to prevent the assault so all we do is play “catch up.”

A better way to defend against a sudden assault is to use what Bob “Coach” Lindsey refers to as “When / Then” Thinking.  By keeping alert, positioning yourself positioned properly, and ready to respond to a sudden assault you remain ready at all times to defend yourself.  WHEN the inmate assaults you, THEN you respond with a pre-planned, practiced response. You always remain ready. When the inmate moves to assault you, you are already moving to either physically defend your self or “Get Out of Dodge” by quickly and effectively disengaging from the scene.

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