Using the 'Tactical Battle Swarm' in SWAT operations

Tactical Battle Swarming is a deliberately-structured, coordinated, strategic way to strike an adversary from all directions

Imagine your SWAT team responding to a terrorist attack in a large shopping mall. The attack is well-planned and coordinated. There are several small, roving cells of terrorists attacking mall shoppers in different locations throughout the structure.

How would your team respond?

I bet many teams will roll out their version of a linear stack or formation. There isn’t anything wrong with the many versions of linear stacks. However, in a Mumbai-style attack in a mall or any large structure, you need to get at your adversaries quickly.

The Tactical Battle Swarm
During the past two years I have had an opportunity to develop a tactic with the men of my Special Response Team to further enhance our response to various tactical challenges such as acts of terrorism, active shooters and locating suspects in large structures when locating the suspect needs to be done quickly.

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