Building search safety: Check behind the door

There are a lot of tactics that go into a building search: slicing the pie, quick peeking your corners, smooth, fast entry into the room and making sure that one officer searches, while the other one covers. One area that I see forgotten fairly often in building search training is checking behind the door.

Prior to entering a room entry make sure that you take the time to check to make sure that no one is hiding behind the door. Take your flashlight and place the bezel between the door and the door frame. Always have the light and your eyes at a different level. Turn the light on and make sure you take a good look behind the door prior to entering.

The last thing you want to do is have someone end up behind you and your partner after you enter. Make sure that whoever enters on the door side then double checks by looking behind the door by swinging it out from the wall to confirm the absence of any criminals lurking there.

On a dynamic entry, if you have a door the opens into the room on the side you are entering make sure that you push it all the way to the wall. Anyone standing there should be located by the failure of the door to swing all the way open. The door can be used to provide a stunning technique when the hider is slammed into the wall by your body weight. 

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