Using micro-LEDs to mark cleared rooms

During SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas last month, I encountered an interesting little device which has a potential law enforcement application, although it appears it first glance to be a consumer product. 

The APALS-AIR (short for ‘All-Purpose Adhesive Light Strips with Active Illumination Reflective Technology’) from Brite-Strike, is a micro-thin LED light strip that can be seen from up to 1/4 mile away and has a runtime of about 35 hours.

The Brite-Strike website says it is “great for jogging, cycling, water sports, motorcycles, or even walking the dog” but in my opinion, this product could easily replace those disposable chem. lights used by teams to mark cleared rooms.

The APALS operates in three modes — fast strobe, slow strobe, and steady on — and each one has a super-sticky adhesive on the back (apparently “holds tight to any surface wet or dry”). You activate each mode in succession by clicking a switch on the strip.

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