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Swine flu: What LEOs need to know

By Paul Purcell

At the time of this writing, only the potential for a pandemic has been mentioned, and summer approaches; not your "usual" cold and flu season. One school of thought is that we will see a relatively minor wave of flu cases which will diminish toward the end of summer. However, when fall starts and schools are back in session and traditional cold and flu season begins, it's possible we'll see a more massive wave of infection and reach true pandemic status.

This short article is not intended to be a medical or scientific discussion of the current strain of flu or its treatment. Instead, this piece is meant to inform law enforcement of some of the many unique threats and assets that will present themselves during a developing pandemic, along with some tips on what to do at present to mitigate future problems or obstacles.

Download the article: Swine Flu: 21 Things Law Enforcement Needs to Know

About the author: Paul Purcell is a security analyst and preparedness consultant with extensive experience in pandemic influenza readiness planning.

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