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Report: Inquiry into London's July 7 bombings will find no al-Qaida link

The Associated Press

LONDON- A government inquiry into London's July 7 terrorist attack will say there was no direct support from al-Qaida, even though two of the bombers had visited Pakistan, The Observer newspaper reported in its Sunday edition.

The first forensic account of the attack, ordered by Britain's Home Office, will say the attack was the product of a "simple and inexpensive" plot hatched by four British suicide bombers bent on martyrdom, the newspaper said.

The attack was the work of four bombers who had scoured terrorist sites on the Internet, not an international terrorist network, the inquiry will say when it is published in the next few weeks, the paper reported.

It also will discount initial suspicions that a fifth bomber may have escaped after the attack, or that an al-Qaida fixer, assumed to have been from Pakistan, had helped plan the terrorist strike, the Observer said.

The bombing of London's bus and subway system killed 56 people, including the four British bombers, and wounded hundreds. It was the worst terrorist attack on British soil and the first by suicide bombers.

Three of the four bombers were of Pakistani descent, and two had traveled to Pakistan before the attack.

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