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FBI kills leader of radical Muslims in Detroit

Editor's Note: Fred Burton, widely considered to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on terrorists and terrorist organizations began his law enforcement career as a cop in Montgomery County, Maryland. Now VP of counterterrorism for the private intelligence firm STRATFOR, Burton recently told PoliceOne that while most police officers know where the “high-value targets” are in their patrol area — the power plants, transportation facilities, malls, hospitals, sports complexes, rail yards, radio towers, and public buildings — they should also get to know the locations of the synagogues in their area of responsibility, as well as the mosques. This story, as well as this report from Los Angeles, nails home that point. Read the full conversation with Burton here.

By Ben Schmitt, Niraj Warikoo and Robin Erb
Detroit Free Press

DETROIT — The leader of what federal authorities describe as a fundamentalist group was shot and killed today during a series of raids in Dearborn and Detroit that resulted in 10 arrests.

Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, also known as Christopher Thomas, was gunned down after refusing to surrender and opening fire when the FBI raided one of the locations, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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Full story: FBI kills leader of radical Muslims in Detroit

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