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Anthrax; a Special Report

by Jon Ryter

Shortly after the Daschle letter was mailed from Trenton, New Jersey I advanced what I believed was a logical theory: the spores, I said, would likely be found to have come from the military's biological and chemical warfare labs at the Dugaway Proving Ground military research facility in Utah, Fort Detrick, Maryland, or from microbial storage sites at either Louisiana State University or Northern Arizona University.

As it turns out, genetic fingerprinting verified that the anthrax spores mail to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Senator Daniel Leahy are identical to the stockpile of anthrax spores stored by the U.S. Army at Fort Detrick. This, of course, now suggests

[1] that someone with clearance to get into very secure areas of Fort Detrick or one of the four American storage sites or one in England (Porton Downs) very likely stole the anthrax which has now killed a half dozen people and infected some 3,000 others, or:

[2] that the CIA or some other covert Ops organization planned to use a little anthrax "experimentally" in the field and "lost" their "sample" that ultimately ended up in the wrong hands. The news has both an upside and a downside.

The upside is that if the anthrax spores were stolen from an American lab by an American-grown domestic Islamic terrorist [or one wanting to blame American Muslims for spreading anthrax], then we know their supply of anthrax was very likely limited to what was sent from Trenton, New Jersey, and it is also very likely that it cannot be replicated. That means we do not have to worry about a second wave of anthrax letters. The downside is, if that supposition is true, then the authorities are looking for a domestic terrorist' one who works either for the military or one of two American universities' and has access to very secure areas within those facilities.

Even worse is another, even more horrible, contemplation, The government admitted last week that among the research programs conducted by the U.S. Army over the past couple of decades was a secret anthrax "program" undertaken by the CIA. Federal authorities believe the anthrax spores that ended up sent to Capitol Hill may well have come from the anthrax spores were in the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency.

If this speculation proves accurate, and it turns out that the inventory of anthrax spores that should have been under lock and key in Langley has mysteriously vanished, it is a safe assumption that when the spooks from Langley were busy recruiting Muslim militants from 1982 to 1989 for their key Islamic asset, Osama bin Laden (who was converting them into martyrs fighting the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan during their decade long war), some overzealous spook may have provided the al Qadea or the Taliban with the "ultimate" weapon' anthrax, believing that bin Laden would use it against the Soviets' and the CIA would get to judge the affect of battlefield anthrax on the Soviets ... and, they could safely gauge the backlash affect the wind played on its disbursement since, to the CIA, the Afghan "freedom fighters" were expendable since most wanted to become martyrs anyway.

FBI investigators have quietly been looking at two anthrax storage facilities: Porton Downs in England (where they have little knowledge of the security measures the British use to protect the anthrax spores stored there), and Dugaway in Utah.

Why Dugaway?

Because the labs at Dugaway processed their anthrax spores into the fine powder that is easily suspended in midair' and is easily inhaled. Just like the Daschle sample. Add the Fort Detrick, Maryland genetic fingerprint, and it is an almost certainty that the anthrax spores that have killed and maimed Americans was created by Americans.

While the scientists are still planning to test the remaining known anthrax spore storage facilities in Suffield, England, a research facility in Canada, the anthrax stored at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and that in the possession of a research contractor for the government working at the Battlefield Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. Across the western world, there are 91 facilities in which battlefield grade anthrax spores are stored.

And, while the scientists also want to test "nature" samples (i.e., ground samples from ranches where anthrax was found in cattle), the simple reality is, the two most logical choices are:

[1] someone stole the anthrax spores from one of the facilities in the United States, England or Canada where they were stored, or

[2] the CIA turned anthrax spores over to the al Qaeda during the Afghan-Soviet War hoping that bin Laden or Mullah Omar, the Taliban head, would use it on the Soviets and they could gauge how effective air-released spores would be not only on the enemy but on the troops who released it.

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