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FAQs From the White House on the Homeland Security Advisory System

1. What is the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS)?

2. What is a Threat Condition and how is it determined?

3. What is the role of the Office of Homeland Security?

4. What Threat Condition are we in now?

5. What does this system mean for Federal agencies?

6. Why is there an exemption for the State Department and military?

7. Will this system give local police agencies a better idea of what to do in response to an alert?

8. What does this new system mean for States and cities?

9. How would this system have applied to September 11 and/or the previous three general alerts? What tier of alert were they?

10. Who determines the need to adjust the Threat Condition level?

11. Will all alerts or changes in alert status be made public?

12. When would you not announce an alert or change in alert state?

13. Are you afraid the public will tune out these alerts if there are too many?

14. How does this system relate to bioterrorism?

15. Where should comments and views of the HSAS be forwarded during the forty-five day review period?


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