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Islamic Terrorists and American Extremists

The attacks of September 11th, 2001, have forced us to expose the threat of Islamic terrorists throughout the world and within the borders of the United States. But is our search overlooking an interesting, but deadly, coalition? We all understand the ideology that links many radical groups, across the world, together-at least in spirit. Such ideology, which is anti-Semitic and anti-American in nature, is, undoubtedly, that link. But is that link merely spiritual, or has it gone farther than we can even imagine.

Ideology or more?

When we speak of Islamic radicals we say they are “anti-Israel and anti-West” but when we try to explain the doctrine of American right wing extremists we say “anti-Semitic and anti-government”. I say, “What is the difference?” While suicide pilots from al-Qaeda devastated this great country on September 11th in a terrorist act resulting in a horrendous toll of death and destruction never before seen, extremist Timothy McVeigh, linked to the right wing National Alliance, committed, what was once dubbed “the
most horrific terrorist act on American soil” prior to September 11th, 2001. Could these two terrorist organizations be linked in some way beyond ideology?

Neo Nazi/Islam Connection

For many years, the rhetoric of a right wing neo-Nazi named Albert Huber was a favorite of American Right-Wing extremists. His virulent words, condemning Zionists and discounting the holocaust, aroused the hatred in their sordid minds. He was a regular at Aryan Youth, and Nation of Islam, meetings. He preaches that neo-Nazis and Muslims around the world should join ranks to defeat the Zionists. Interestingly, Huber, now called Ahmad, converted to Islam during the 1960s. In the mid-1990s, Huber, a Christian-born Swiss journalist, once sat at the feet of Ayatollah Khomeini at an Islamic gathering in Tehran, Iran where he lectured to the attendants. He has, according to sources, in recent months, been approached by representatives of Osama bin-Laden and praised for his teachings. Huber describes the September 11th attacks as “counter terror against American-Israeli terror” but denies having any connection to terrorists.
An international investigation, sparked by September 11th and ordered by President George W Bush connected Huber to a list of terrorist financiers.
Huber is on the board of directors of al-Taqwa, an international funding network supplying funds to, and laundering money for, al-Qaeda. Since last year’s attacks, Huber and others connected to al-Taqwa have had their assets frozen and are under investigation for supporting terrorism. I wonder - has money he received for lecturing before Aryan Youth and neo-Nazis, in the United States, been used against us on September 11th?

National Alliance and Middle Eastern Terrorists

Rumors were prevalent about the time of the Oklahoma City bombing trial regarding Terry Nichols, whom McVeigh met in the US Army. These rumors about Nichols, co-conspirator of Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing, and member of the National Alliance, were realized when witnesses told McVeigh’s attorney a story about Nichols. These witnesses, in the Philippines, a favorite place for terrorists, especially al-Qaeda, observed Nichols meeting, in Manila, with known Middle Eastern terrorists. One of these terrorists, according to witnesses was Ramzi Yusef who is serving time in prison for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Other terrorists Terry Nichols met, according to witnesses, were linked to Osama bin Laden. The belief, however, is that Nichols may have met with bin Laden himself. Who hated the American government more than Timothy McVeigh and Osama bin-Laden?

Anthrax: It may be homegrown!

Investigators and experts agree. The mysterious Anthrax attacks on America, though minimal evidence exists, apparently indicates a homegrown threat. Could this be a follow-up to the September 11th attacks by America’s right wing extremists. Shortly after the attacks Paul R. Mullet, chief of the Aryan Nations in Minnesota wrote, “The time for Aryans to attack is now, not later”. Was Mullet calling for another Lone Wolf attack such as Timothy McVeigh’s, if it really was a lone wolf act, or was it an activation of another terrorist cell to carry on the next stage of terrorists attacks against America, maybe by Americans. Several American extremists have been arrested throughout the past twenty years for possession and attempted use of Anthrax as a weapon.

Islamic Terrorism and the American Street Gang
As far back as 1986, a link existed between a Chicago Street gang called the Black P Stone Nation (Blackstone Rangers), also known as El Rukns (meaning the The Foundation in Arabic), and Moammar Khadhafy of Libya. The leader of the Black P Stones, Jeff Fort, who had previously converted to Islam in prison, was contracted to commit terrorist acts in America at the behest of Khadafy. In fact, Fort, who was controlling the gangs operations from prison at the time, sent several of his gang’s leaders to Libya to negotiate the terrorist contract. The gang leaders actually met with Moammar Khadafy and agreed to blow up American Airlines and US government buildings in exchange for $2.5 Million. Fortunately for us, Fort and several members of his street gang, needed to buy the right weapons to facilitate the attacks. While conducting the final stages of a purchase of weapons, the Black P Stones discovered their weapons dealers were federal agents. Fort and several members of the gang were arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Terrorist Acts Against the US and Weapons Violations. Several members of the Black P Stones became fugitives are believed to be hiding in Libya.
Let us not forget the terrorists like Joanne Chesimard, Black Liberation Army (BLA) leader, who, with two other members of the BLA, killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster on May 2nd, 1973 and wounded Trooper James Harper. She and several of her fellow terrorists fled to, and fluorish, in Cuba with the blessing of Fidel Castro. Again, the common link between her, the BLA, and Castro, is the hatred for the United States. There has always been support between terrorists and anti-Americanists, especially in Cuba. In fact, in 1966, what was referred to as an international terrorist network was attributed to the Tricontinental Congress held in Havana, Cuba. At this meeting, 500 delegates from socialist countries and national liberation movements agreed to provide close cooperation in a global strategy against American Imperialism.


I think it is time to examine, not only this link between America’s extremists and Islamic Terrorists but also the link between all terrorists groups in the world. It is common knowledge, in terrorist investigation circles that many terrorist groups train together, support each other and at times, will act together. When the United States government is considered the enemy by these terrorists or extremists-whatever you want to call them-a cohesion is forged beyond ideology.
In 1990, Posse Comitatus leader, Gene Schroeder, accompanied a group of farmers to Washington, DC for a meeting at the Iraqi embassy. In 1991, even during the Gulf War, members of the Ku Klux Klan of Tulsa, Oklahoma, demonstrated in the streets in support of Saddam Hussein. This demonstration was allegedly financed by the Iraqi government.
American and International Law Enforcement need to examine this phenomenon aggressively and attack terrorism at every level and every connection. While many law enforcement officers across the United States may never, knowingly, come in contact with an Islamic Terrorist, the chance of interacting with an American extremist is quite likely. The Extremists, in the form of neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Black Separatists, Skinheads, Gang Members, Organized Crime, and others, are constantly involved in crime and anti-American activities. These activities may support terrorism in the form of drug profits, weapons supply, information or street soldiers. Have we all considered that most of the drugs illegally consumed in the United States by American citizens are NOT produced here? These extremists and their activities can be found in most cities, towns and states. Lets take a closer look at these extremists and we may be able to identify a link to terrorism, and hopefully, stop the next wave of terror.

Lou Savelli, a 21 year veteran of law enforcemet, is presently a Sergeant with the NYPD. He is the cofounder and Vice President of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association. He started his career in 1981 with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and Hollywood (FL) Police Department. He is the chief instructor for CTS Associates Inc. - Law Enforcement Training Division. He can be reached at CTSASSOCINC@aol.com or NYPDCAGE@aol.com.

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