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5 durable pistol range bags and hard cases

Whether you're a competitive shooter or just an enthusiast, there's a range bag for everyone and every gun

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Everyone has their preference when it comes to the perfect range bag, and a lot of variables factor into that decision: the amount of firearms you prefer to carry, (and the amount of ammo), whether there are children or rookie shooters taking the trip to the range with you, whether you shoot long guns, pistols, both, etc.

Here are some of the features of the top-rated range bags and hard cases for firearms.

1. MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag

Price: $49.99

A fan favorite is the MidwayUSA bag, and for good reason. Every inch is heavy duty, from the zippers to the PVC coated material to the removable carrying straps and reinforced stitching. This range bag features foam padding in each of its nine pockets, plus it has four removable bags: a stage bag that can double as an ammunition carrier, two pistol rugs, and a fire brass or ammunition carrying bag.

Carry all the accessories you want with 14 magazine pouches, and 12 elastic accessory holders of varying sizes for all sorts of cleaning equipment for calibers ranging from 50-17.

If $49.99 isn’t affordable enough, MidwayUSA is known for putting this baby on sale often.

Dimensions:  (Overall)  22" L x 15" W x 10" H
Main compartment: 17" L x 10" W x 10" H

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2. The Dustin Ellermann Range Qualifier Case by 5.11

Price: $139.99

Designed for both professional and competitive shooting, the Dustin Ellermann case features a removable accessory pouch and an oil-resistant pad that creates space to reload or assemble attachments.

 Multiple pockets on the front, side, and interior of the bag keeps ammo and cleaning accessories easy to find and within reach. Another feature of the bag is a magnetic keeper to secure accessories during the commute to and from the range. Rugged, self-healing YKK® lockable zippers and dual-zippered front and main compartments give this bag added security. 

Dimensions:  11.25"H x 22"L x 8.5"W
Volume: 1,623 cubic inch capacity

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3. The CaseCruzer 2-pack Quickdraw Case

Price: $225.00

The Quickdraw 2-pack serves as a secure locking gun case that doubles as a range bag. CaseCruizer makes weapons cases for nearly every configuration imaginable – the 2-pack holds two handguns and four magazines, plus it has removable slots for 12 more magazines (that can be removed to make room for plenty of other accessories).

The case fits major pistol brands from 7’’ – 9.25’’ in length, and cases can be customized for weapons with scopes and/or magwells.

Dimensions: 20.25"L x 16.93"W x 8.78"H

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4. Maxpedition Compact Range Bag

Price: $159.99

Don’t let the sleek design of the Maxpedition range bag fool you; it’s as tough and durable as they come. An open, spacious interior and four exterior zippered, padded pockets means plenty of room for full-sized firearms, ammo, and accessories. A removable ammo tote accommodates most handguns, and a loop field on the exterior of the bag allows you to customize with patches.

A removable interior padded divider lets you organize and customize to your liking. There are six internal pouches for pistol mags and A 2 D ring attachment is included for an optional shoulder strap carry (sized to the 5” Government 1911).   

Dimensions:  12"L x 7"W x 8.5"H
Volume: 1275 cu.in. / 20L

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5. Cabela’s Range Bag

Price: $49.99

Cabela’s Range bag is made of 600-denier high-density polyester – a soft-shell case that’s lightweight but still durable.  Internal folding panels are removable for more interior space. A fold-out spent-brass compartment and a detachable rangefinder pouch with tool loops are just some of the features included with the bag, along with many other pockets and compartments for ammo and accessories.

There aren’t magazine specific holders on this bag, but the external pockets are a great fit.

Dimensions: 15’’L x 13’’H x 10’’W

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