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P1 First Person: The routine

Editor's Note: In PoliceOne "First Person" essays, our Members and Columnists candidly share their own unique view of the world. This is a platform from which individual officers can share their own personal insights on issues confronting cops today, as well as opinions, observations, and advice on living life behind the thin blue line. This week’s essay comes from PoliceOne Member Bradley L. Bordelon. Do you want to share your own perspective with other P1 Members? Send us an e-mail with your story.

By Bradley L. Bordelon

It was a day just like any other

He kissed his wife, his child’s mother

Out the door he went, and to the station he drove

As he had done countless times down the same roads

When he got to the station everyone said their friendly, “hello”

One asked him, “hey! You want a cup of Joe?”

The supervisor entered, and roll call was complete

He grabbed his bag, loaded his car, ready to hit the streets

Out on patrol, the radio crackled, a disturbance was the crime

He knew the house well, having been there many times

As he pulled up, something wasn’t right

There was no loud yelling as on the previous nights

Out of the car, and towards the house he went

Knowing his back-up, dispatch had sent

The door flung open, and before he could react

The husband who had killed his wife, ran at the officer and attacked

The knife went deep, straight into the officer’s chest

Cutting through his bullet-proof vest

He was able to push the assailant away, and stagger back

Shooting the killer before another attack

The officer fell, and the last thought he had

Was of his wife, and child, no longer able to see their husband, and dad

The funeral home was packed with all of his family, and friends

A line of blue, it seemed, would never end

When he got to Heaven the gates were opened wide

An angel met him, and led him inside

For the duty he had done, and price he had paid

God sent a special angel to watch over his family for the rest of their days

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