Video: Ky. cop hit, dragged during traffic stop

Suspect later found and charged with assault of a police officer

By PoliceOne Staff

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Gas station surveillance cameras captured a suspect hitting and dragging a Kentucky police officer during a traffic stop on Friday.

Officer Byron Redmon pulled over the truck of 49-year-old Russell Wheat for suspicion of drunken driving on Friday. As Redmon approached the truck, Wheat put the vehicle in reverse to attempt an escape, then drove forward - with Redmon hanging on until the truck crashed into a parked car and sped off.

According to WKYT 27, the suspect's vehicle was later located in a nearby neighborhood, and after a search of a wooded area, Wheat was found. He was arrested and charged with assault of a police officer.

Officer Redmon has been treated for his injuries and released, according to WKYT 27.

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