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Writing reports in the rain

Submitted by P1 Member Andrew Lampe
O'Fallon, IL

Example of a dive slate used for writing underwater.

Most of us have had issues with writing information for reports in the rain while on duty. For me it seems like this is primarily on accidents.

I have tried the old military trick of using a pencil or using a large freezer bag. I just recently obtained my scuba open water certification and used what is called a "dive slate" to record my dive times. It is a white plastic slate that is written on with a pencil. It is designed to be used underwater and works great in the rain. It is easily cleaned with certain cleaners, toothpaste, sandpaper, or a kitchen sink scrub pad. They can be found online through scuba shops and a basic one is around ten dollars.

Throw one in your gear bag or door pocket and you are set for wet weather.

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