Police forums: Why they're important

Police forums are a good way to convey the latest information about law enforcement

Police forums are not hard to come by online. They are a good way to convey the latest information about law enforcement, including new laws and other developments that affect their line of work. With busy shifts and information often unavailable through station houses, officers can quickly gather data that helps them do their job better.

Police forums also give officers a chance to safely vent their frustrations about various aspects of their job, as well as to ask questions and gather feedback about many topics from other law enforcement officers. Many times these topics are better discussed outside of the presence of fellow officers.

Some very good police forums online are available through PoliceOne.com, along with officer.com. Some of the forums on this site are: general discussion; for law enforcement pros; local discussions; law and politics; equipment and tactical; and communications center.

Some of the police forums on PoliceOne.com are limited to law enforcement officers. Others are open to the general public. On the open forums, civilians have an opportunity to get law enforcement info straight from the horse's (LEO's) mouth. It's a great way to clear up misinformation and find out interesting facts about law enforcement. One of these forums is titled "Ask A Cop."

Other police forums cover a myriad of topics. Another forum is on realpolice.net. Some of their topics are: drugs/narcotics; K9 issues; NYPD; field training officers; officer shootings; and a classified section where officers can sell personal items. It also has a section for crime scene photos. Many of these forums are restricted to verified officers only.

Police forums aren't restricted to the U.S. Law enforcement officers all over the world have forums in which they discuss many of the same issues that concern officers in the United States. They allow officers from different countries to compare notes and share ideas and concerns about their work. One of these forums is policeworld.net.

Because these forums are primarily for law enforcement personnel, anyone who bashes the profession overall or officers specifically is summarily banned from these sites. Registration and login procedures are fairly strict and comprehensive on most of these sites.

All in all police forums are a safe, healthy and constructive way for law enforcement officers to relieve some of the strain of what is a very stressful profession.


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