Occupy activists say police provided them drugs

Police say no evidence exists to substantiate the allegations

By PoliceOne Staff

MINNEAPOLIS — Occupy Minnesota activists have accused police of giving them drugs as part of a training exercise.

A 35-minute YouTube video shown at a City Council meeting Wednesday documents the allegations and focuses on people picked up at a plaza on Nicollet Mall, according to the Star Tribune

In the video, officers participate in the Drug Recognition Evaluator program, in which police learn to identify people under the influence of drugs.

Lt. Eric Roeske, a spokesman for the Minnesota State Patrol, said typically police find people who are already intoxicated, but activists say police first gave them marijuana and later ran tests.

“They gave me a full bag of weed," Forest Olivier said during Council testimony. "And they gave me a pipe to smoke it out of. And they just took us out to – I forgot the name of the airfield – but its somewhere in Richfield, out near the bus line. 66th and Cedar. And they let us smoke it on the sand hills where the dirt pits were."

Group members make several similar claims in interviews, but no footage shows officers giving out drugs, which would be against policy.

"There’s been no evidence or no information that has been presented to us that would substantiate any of the allegations," Roeske said Thursday afternoon.

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