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02/16/17 Responding to Veterans and Police Officers in Crisis *BY PATC Frisco, Texas
02/16/17 TASER CEW Instructor Course Gatlinburg, Tennessee
02/16/17 Law Enforcement Leadership Development *BY PLET N, Charleston, South Carolina
02/16/17 Criminal Investigation Techniques *BY PLET Grand Prairie, Texas
02/16/17 Patrol Officer Drug Investigations *BY PLET Fort Worth, Texas
02/16/17 SLR15 Law Enforcement Shotgun Armorer Course Madison, Wisconsin
02/16/17 Biased-Based Policing Reports: Best Practices by DCG Charleston, South Carolina
02/17/17 Responding to Veterans and Police Officers in Crisis *BY PATC Georgetown, Texas
02/17/17 Heroin on steroids: Fentanyl, W-18 and U-47700 Mesa, Arizona
02/17/17 Dive Team Medical Technician Tampa, Florida
02/20/17 Investigative Statement Analysis *BY PATC Indianapolis, Indiana
02/20/17 Force Science Certification Course: Force Science Institute Austin, Texas
02/20/17 TEEX - Crime Scene Investigation Azle, Texas
02/20/17 TEEX - Intermediate Collision Investigation Dallas, Texas
02/20/17 Heavy Vehicle Electronic Control Module Data Use in Crash Reconstruction Jacksonville, Arizona
02/20/17 Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School Jacksonville, Florida
02/20/17 Krav-Maga Workshop for Law Enforcement – Israeli Instructor Houston, Texas
02/20/17 Basic Criminal Investigation - Patrol and New Investigators *BY PATC Palm Beach, Florida
02/20/17 TEEX - Cell Extraction and Insertion Instructor Abilene, Texas
02/20/17 PIO Boot Camp - 'Master Public Information Officer' - Chris Ryan Seminars Hot Springs, Arkansas

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