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02/27/17 Penn State -- Police Supervisory In-Service Training (POSIT) Allison Park, Pennsylvania
02/27/17 TEEX - Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor Bryan, Texas
02/27/17 Use Of Force *BY PATC Columbus, Ohio
02/27/17 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/27/17 Criminal Drug Interdiction Techniques and Concealment Locations *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/27/17 Police & Minority Relations *BY PLET Georgetown, Texas
02/27/17 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC St. Louis, Missouri
02/27/17 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Green Bay, Wisconsin
02/27/17 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival New Orleans, Louisiana
02/27/17 Supervisor Liability *BY PATC Lawrenceville, Georgia
02/27/17 Fire and Arson Investigation: Integrating Cell Phone Technology * BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/27/17 Force Encounters Analysis: Human Performance in Critical Incidents Sacramento, California
02/27/17 Economic Crimes Investigations: Current Trends Altamonte Springs, Florida
02/27/17 Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction - Level I W.Palm Beach, Florida
02/27/17 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
02/27/17 NRA LE Tactical Shooting Instructor Development School Rock Hill, South Carolina
02/27/17 Alpha Group Center - Mass Killers Scottsdale, Arizona
02/27/17 Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques Auburndale, Florida
02/27/17 Advanced Instructor Development Spokane, Washington
02/27/17 SLR15 AR-15 / M-16 / M-4 Rifle Armorer Mason, Michigan

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